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 The Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: The Role Playing Rules   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:25 pm

The Sacred Rules

Ah yes the rules, I've seen many sites fall because their either too strict or two soft. However we created the rules on this site with fairness and the best interest for the members in this community in mind. These are the regulations which will help keep things organized, and maintain the quality of role playing.

1) Each member is allowed a limit of 3 characters,(3 accounts) please do not make several accounts posing as different people in order to get more characters (I’ll know) Here are the options for character combination's you can have.
3 original characters
2 original, 1 cannon
2 cannon, 1 original

You can not have 3 cannon characters.

2) When your character is accepted you will change your display name to that of the character accordingly.

3 Members with cannon characters must be committed to be active.

4) Members who have canon characters and become inactive for more than 4 weeks, without justifiable cause, will loose their character. The position will be reopened to give other’s who may be more responsible a chance

5) No leet speak within role play posts.

6) No excessive OCC in a game that’s being played.

7) (MBJ) Before joining a game that’s already in process unless you were directly invited, you should pm the creator of the thread for approval.

8 ) (ACJ) – Anyone can join, this game thread allows anyone to jump in as they wish, but always keep in mind the flow of the story.

9) No power playing or God moding:

Don't stack millions of useful abilities on your character (i.e., speed/ability enhancing skills, healing skills, more than 2 different elements *fire, water, ice, earth*, and reiatsu absorbing)
No rip off’s of other character’s powers.
No instant kill abilities.
Do not control another person’s character. (Unless they have agreed to it.)

10) With the exception of canons, most characters will start out with only their basic abilities. I.E. Shinigami will start out with shikai and low to mid level kidou, Humans and Quincy will also have the first of their skills approved. Bankai, advanced kidou as well as high level shunpo and special attacks have to be learned through training, this is accomplished through the leveling system.

11) If you want a series character, you first have to be tested. The steps are:

a-Create an original profile for that character following the site’s template. No plagiarism is allowed (Copy pasted material from Wikipedia or any other site that’s not your own.)
b-Within the profile you will provide a personal role play sample as the character in any given situation you choose.
c-These will be reviewed by the administrators or moderators for approval. If it passes you will be then approved and can begin playing.

12) Captains of divisions are required to be responsible of helping out their division members. Captains as well as Lieutenants are assigned the task of giving their new division members seated officer ranks as well as administering the tests for ascension.

13) Original character profiles will be judged the same as the canon, except that a lot of attention will be paid to the history so be creative. You cannot give yourself a high rank or seated officer position unless the division captain agrees to it, or an administrator has allowed you to start out with it.
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The Role Playing Rules
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