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 Our new Affiliate: RPG Underground

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PostSubject: Our new Affiliate: RPG Underground   Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:57 pm

an RPG resource and directory site

With a quickly growing member base, RPGU is filled with resources for any RPer or RP-admin, as well as a fair collection of sites in the directory, and other goodies up for the offering!

There are plenty of reasons to join RPGU. Not only are we a friendly community, but we have plenty to offer to anyone interested in RPing!

  • Site Directory
    We have a well-organized directory, where you can place your ad to will be sorted into a the appropriate category. There, it will be easily accessible to people looking for your kind of site! Also, we allow you to post updates to your ad, should anything new and interesting happen on your site!
  • RP Resources
    .Plot pages
    .Canon lists
    .Site plots and Sub plots
    .Icons and sig bases
    .PB and name help
    .Forum and coding help
    You need it? We have it!
  • Requests
    Need to request a custom made sig, plot page or even a skin? Guess what! At RPGU you can!
  • Site Builders
    The site builders will help you put together a site with a nice skin, graphics, permission masks, plots and whatever you could possibly need. There are also Site Flippers that will help you give your site a make over, and Adopt a Site where you can find pre-made forums ready for you to claim as your own!
  • Classifieds
    Need a brother, sister, enemy, friend, lover or anything else for your character, but have no one to play them? Search for someone in here! Have a nifty character that needs a new board to live on? Find one! At RPGU, we connect people through our classifieds! And we <3 it!
  • Character and site -development.
    As an RPer, you might need help developing your character, or maybe you're stuck in a plot line or just a post. Well, no worries, we are here to help.
    And, as an RP-admin, sometimes you need a bit of help developing your site into one of the best RPGs out there. We'll do our best to help you!
  • Show off Files!
    Like the more widely known graphics galleries, a Showoff File is a thread where you collect links to all the resources you've made (like plot pages, canon lists, skins, icons, etc.) and requests you've filled, to show off to the world! On a monthly basis, one may apply to be promoted into the Underground ranks, and receive a pretty awards and a more colourful pip under ones user name.
    You may also post a character gallery, showing off all your wonderful characters.
  • Challenges
    There are weekly challenges, where one band will be featured every week, and the challenge is to make plot pages, canon lists, or whatever RP resource you can think of, using anything (like lyrics) from that week's band.
    We also have RP and other miscellaneous challenges, that have proven to be very fun!
  • Fun, games and community!
    We're a nice community, where everyone is welcome! We play games, chat on and discuss everything (but mostly RPing!).

What are you waiting for?
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Our new Affiliate: RPG Underground
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