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 Improvement System (Revised Again)

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Kazeaki Momiji
Kazeaki Momiji

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PostSubject: Improvement System (Revised Again)   Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:08 pm

Here we will cover the manner in which the characters will gain experience to advance their skills:


-To increase your abilities you need to accumulate Exp. Points. The simplest way is to begin a thread in one of the areas designated for training such as:

Division Dojo's (located in seretei)
Rukongai Outskirts (located in seretei)
Underground Wasteland (located in real world/uruhara's shop)

These areas are set up to award you with 5 points of Exp. per post and 1 bonus point for beginning the thread. This is done automatically with forumotions point system and the amount you gain will continuously appear in your profile in the Exp field.

-There are two types of training you can engage in. One is to gain physical skills the other is for Kido or spiritual abilities. They don’t differ much from each other, except the type of situations you write for your training.

SpiritTraining - This training is specifically for learning demon arts, spirit based attacks and other such skills I.E. healing, barriers. It is achieved by working on ones mental capabilities and focus, things like meditation, acquiring knowledge of new incantations, casting, accuracy etc.

Combat Training - This type of training includes all abilities of a physical nature, swordsmanship, strength, speed, signature moves and techniques, shunpo as well as becoming one with your weapon to achieve Bankai .

The points required for each ability are determined by the level of difficulty, the more powerful, the harder it is to learn, and the higher the cost.

Hadou#33 = 30 points
Shikai = 50 points
Bankai = 100 points

(Canon spells will have their costs added to the Kido spell list shortly)
Unlearned original skills that will be posted in character profiles, will have their cost decided by an admin or mod.

Each time you reach your goal for a certain skill you wish to obtain. You will have the according amount of exp. points subtracted for the cost of the skill. ( Think of it as buying the skills with the exp points you gain.) However you can also continue training and saving your exp. if you do not want to gain any particular skill at the time.

You begin to post with your character training in whatever fashion it is you believe they would achieve their powers. Once the goal is reached the administrator or a moderator will evaluate the thread, and if all is in order will grant you the ability.

Duel :

A friendly or rival challenge agreed on by two players. This can range from sparring to a hardcore bout were you might get injured. The degree of the fights intensity is up to the engaged players. Experience points in a duel are given in full to the winner of the fight, whereas the defeated character will receive half the points. In the event of a stalemate, both players will receive half the experience. There is no post limit in duels, and they have a set amount of experience no matter their extent. Each Duel is worth 15 points overall.


An a task assigned by a superior (Captain, Lieutenant, Commander Yamamoto or Villain faction leader ) Missions can range from: Slaying Hollows, Reconnaissance, Protection and surveillance. Recovering rogues or strayed comrades, etc. The missions can be either directly tied to the development of the plot, or on occasions be side stories. A completed mission is worth “30pts” a failed mission is worth “20pts”.


A sudden or unexpected confrontation with a plot enemy or hollow. These happen at random , and you can chose whether you want to engage or back down according to the circumstances. However not every encounter with a plot enemy necessarily leads to fight. Encounters can only be issued with “enemies” not with those on your own side. (Unless someone in your group is a traitor or suspected of acting out of orders.) An encounter awards random "Exp. points" according to what develops.

Decisive Battle:

The objective of this type of thread is to confront and destroy the opponent. Generally this is between the players of opposing faction [ Shinigami v.s. Magus] [Magus v.s. Vizard] [Vizard v.s. Shinigami] but not with those on your own side. (Unless someone in your group is a traitor or suspected of acting out of orders.) Just like Duels, Decisive Battles don’t have a post limit and are worth a set amount of experience. If you survive you receive “40” points.

Experience from Duels, Missions, Encounters and Battles are awarded to the player directly by a Mod or Admin, through the forumotion donation system.

Last edited by Kazeaki Momiji on Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:20 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : RE-REVISED!)
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Improvement System (Revised Again)
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