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 Adalbrecht's Tutor.

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Takaujii Ashikaga

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PostSubject: Adalbrecht's Tutor.   Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:24 pm

Adalbrecht looked around the dojo, looking at the quiet tranquility that was so common in the second division. He looked around and went to the sparring arena, looking for his commander, wondering what rank she would assign him. He wondered around for a large span of time, simply wandering. "Commander Soi Fon, I am here to get my squad assignment!" He said, with a hint of distaste at having to call someone so strong Commander. He saw it as a person of Captain level should not need to hide behind a squad, or at least that is what he told himself. Really it was a mystery to him as to why he had a distaste for the higher ranking officers. "Commander Soi Fon, Come out, if you would not mind!" He yelled, his voice echoing off the silent room that was the dojo of squad 2. The noise reverberated all through the the dojo, causing anyone in it to here the noise. He waited around and then sat down, turning on his music, waiting for his commander. He let the noise envelop him as he lay there, his hair drifting around slightly in the breeze that could be so clearly felt in the tranquil dojo. However, as anyone knew, he should not have dropped his guard in the second division dojo, for their commander was ruthless in her order.
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Adalbrecht's Tutor.
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