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 Shinigami Women's Association: Matsumoto takes over!?

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Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto

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PostSubject: Shinigami Women's Association: Matsumoto takes over!?   Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:23 pm

For once in her life Matsumoto was “early” and apparently quite eager to take the reigns of a great responsibility placed upon her. The Vice president of the Shinigami Women’s Association, was literally buried beneath a mountain of blank forms that a certain pony tailed Captain had shirked until the last minute, making it impossible for her to direct the weekly meeting. Nanao pretty much used up all her options: Unohana was busy with her division swelling with injured new recruits, Isane was far too meek to handle decisions, Nemu wasn’t exactly right in the head in her opinion, and President Kusajiki would only suggest more outrageous childish pranks and the squandering of already limited funds on sweets. Rangiku of course saw this as a shining opportunity to pour her “creativity” into S.W.A. and somehow managed to convince Nanao to let her take over despite her better judgment.

There were two new women on list to become members, and there was a matter of organizing a new fund raising activity, both were important business, but unlike doing reports this could easily be turned into something “fun”, and the blonde was all a titter. With a mischievous look on her face she proudly stepped into the meeting hall and usurped the main desk, crossing her arms behind her head as she waited for the other women.
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Shinigami Women's Association: Matsumoto takes over!?
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