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 A new recruit for the 12th

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PostSubject: A new recruit for the 12th   Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:59 am

Kurou was nervous.
Very, very nervous.
At first, he hadn't given any weight to the news that he had been assigned to the 12th division, considering it the same as any other, but then he probed around for some information, and wasn't sure he liked what he heard: he could definitely appreciate the ideals behind the division, as he had always been someone to enjoy research, but the voices surrounding the commander.. well, to be frank some of the things he heard scared the hell out of him.

Rumors said he often mixed up the terms "research assistants" with "research subjects", and "low ranking subordinates" with "cheap, expendable resources", so Kurou didn't even know if he should have wished for a high position in the chain of command or a low one. Perhaps some sort of middle ground, where he could manage his work without attracting too much attention to himself.. too bad, that wasn't for him to choose, and so he waited.

He had inquired at the research facility first, and there he had found out the captain was in his office here, in the Goteijuusentai.. and so, he patiently (and nervously) waited for his first meeting with the man who would hand him orders for the foreseeable future.
Perhaps, just perhaps, he wouldn't be as bad as the voices made him?
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Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Kurotsuchi Mayuri

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PostSubject: Re: A new recruit for the 12th   Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:27 am

It had been a hectic day for the eccentric 12th Division Captain, that very morning he'd stumbled upon something shocking and had since retreated to his office to gather up necessary files and documents before rushing to the meeting he himself called. While sorting out his data, everything else around him went pretty much unnoticed, including the timid voice of his Lieutenant who'd been pestering him for the past five minutes. Finally loosing his patience he turned to Nemu with an exasperated expression.

" I swear I will take you apart if you continue interrupting me!"
"Gomen nasai Mayuri Sama, demo... "
"The new recruit to our squad has arrived and is waiting for further instruction"
"I see! How splendid... as if I hadn't noticed already! Tcht Bring those files, we are leaving."

The door burst open, the sound of it echoing down the halls. Mayuri and his subordinate exited, almost passing the young man by. The pale faced scientist stopped a few steps ahead and inspected the new member of his division.He appeared to be of a frailer constitution than other combat oriented shinigami, not that displeased Kurotsuchi in any way, he considered brutish mindless fighting ridiculous, specially when through intelligence, one could defeat an enemy before they ever met in the battlefield.

"You there! You must be the new recruit... Hmm?" He asked in a hoarse voice as he rubbed his chin, awaiting the rookie to introduce himself properly as a subordinate should.
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PostSubject: Re: A new recruit for the 12th   Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:43 am

Despite all his determination to try and make a decent first impression, Kurou had managed to space out, as he ran the possible developments of what would probably be the most important event so far in his life: the first meeting with the man who would decide if he was destined to bathroom-scrubbing for the rest of his life.
Playing the situation in his mind, he gathered all the knowledge he had about his future captain.

"Don't show fear, he can smell it
Or that was dogs? That was probably dogs.
Labelling that particular piece of advice as useless in the current situation, he locked it again in one corner of his mind and started digging for something more useful.

"Show deference, almost to the point of adulation"
That already seemed a much more sound course of action, no matter how much he loathed brown-nosing. Perhaps he'd find an acceptable compromise, but the captain had a personal and political power of an extension simply not comparable to his own.

"You there! You must be the new recruit... Hmm?"
The hoarse voice pulled him back from his personal dreamworld. In a matter of instants, his gray eyes regained focus, taking in his surroundings once again as if seeing them for the first time.
People. Two people. One in a white haori, with a rather unmistakable look.
Captain Kurotsuchi, quite obviously.
The other a woman with the insignia of a lieutenant.
Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi, maybe?
Behind them, the door was still swinging from the force used to open it.
How the heck did he manage to miss -that-?
He probably didn't really lose too much time, but he had to shoot in the dark now, and hope to not look like a complete idiot in the process.

"Ah.. yes, that would be me"
He bowed his head first to the captain, then, in a less pronounced manner, to the woman beside him

"Taichō-sama.. fukutaichō-sama.. I am recruit N.."
He stammered for a second on the name, then corrected himself.
"..Kobayashi Kurou, here to serve you and the 12th division to the best of my abilities"

The young man held his breath in anticipation, his gaze back at studying the reactions of the couple in front of him now that he was done bowing.
Hopefully, he wasn't going to mention bathrooms.
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PostSubject: Re: A new recruit for the 12th   

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A new recruit for the 12th
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