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 Search of A Division Position [Open]

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PostSubject: Search of A Division Position [Open]   Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:33 am

Shuei Setsuna had traveled within the Seretei within Soul Society wearing his given shinigami outfit. He wore it with pride as he kept walking around the pathways of the area. Going back and forth in a bit of frustration to find the Goteijuusentai for permanent registration! His eyes kept shifting side to side trying to find the way around. Being the stubborn person of doing things his own way he doesn't take a chance to ask a shinigami and rather find it and learn it by memory. He was leaned and didn't look much build and strangest thing was his hair was purplish!

Shuei sighed deeply while going back and forth, restarting in every time he makes a turn into a new area in the Seretei. Not many shinigami reside on this area and were mainly at the front gates.. Yet he felt as if he passed it already. Another small sigh escaped his lips in a bit of frustration of find this place. Shuei's eyes closed. His face expression was calmed. He was trying to be calm in order to find this place. Then it hit him. He felt a powerful spiritual pressure coming his way.. The question was who was it? Shuei had re-opened his eyes to look at the sky fr a moment to pass by. Slowly and steadily he turned back to see who it was.. Not knowing who the stranger was he kept his zanpakutou on his right side and held it gently a bit terrified.
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PostSubject: Re: Search of A Division Position [Open]   Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:35 pm

Irritation was the main word that popped into his mind.
Mayuri was walked fast between the white walls of Seireitei, while pondering over the fact that the first division had called him.
"I can't believe it" he thought "I thought I became a captain to hand out orders, not to receive them in these persuasive matters".

"How very troublesome" Mayuri mumbled as he walked along.

From far away his eyes could register a figure. He didn't recognized the person, but he could see that he was wearing a Shinigami outfit. Mayuri didn't pay any attention to the stranger as he came closer to him. He was way to busy inside his own mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Search of A Division Position [Open]   Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:42 pm

"Well if it isn't Mayuri.. Captain of the 12th division..", he said to himself as the powerful captain had just passed him. Shuei blinked and let his guard down yet ti was a bit frightening feeling this persons reiatsu at this level for not even revealing it at all much!

"Where to go now..", he said looking around and he wanted to follow the captain so he did so, quietly that is. His footsteps were light and he just looked at the haori he wore, amazed by such presence.
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PostSubject: Re: Search of A Division Position [Open]   Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:34 am

Mayuri didn't pay attention at first when the Shinigami started following him. His reiatsu was obviously not far away behind him, which meant that the kid was probably following him, but right now he had more important things on his mind.

"What a bother" he thought again. "If this continues, than it will become very difficult to carry out further experiments on my precious test subjects, that I have prepared".

The Captain kept on walking.

... right,...
...and straight again.

The first squad headquarters weren't far anymore when he suddenly stopped. Without turning around he said:

"Hey, you"...

"Stop being such a nuisance and tell me, why are you following me?"
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PostSubject: Re: Search of A Division Position [Open]   

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Search of A Division Position [Open]
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