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 Slacking and Studying [Open, just trying to get the place to move a bit]

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PostSubject: Slacking and Studying [Open, just trying to get the place to move a bit]   Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:40 pm

The newest member of the 12th division was sitting under one of the huge trees that surrounded the walls of the Seretei. The day was clear, the sky blue, and a soft wind was blowing through the leaves, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing afternoon.

Of course, it was possible that he was supposed to be working right now, but hey, it was just a bunch of paperwork. Rather useless paperwork, actually, since he got stuck with re-indexing, re-organizing and re-archiving the older documents. Some of those were more than a millennia old, and crumbled just by looking at them.
He'd do it later: the night was long.

Resting his head against the large trunk, he allowed himself a content sigh and a relaxed smile. And the smile grew only wider when he pulled up the item he'd been holding at his side and placed it on his lap, focusing his attention on it.

Working for the 12th division had definitely its advantages.
Kurou was clutching a book: a thick, leatherbound black tome, smuggled from one of the libraries of the division: studying it there would have been way too gloomy, but here it was perfect.

He opened the book on the first page, and started studying the incantations and complex diagrams written within, the apparent solitude helping him concentrate.
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PostSubject: <Arriving>   Thu May 13, 2010 12:03 am

A girl of about 18 years of age walked toward the man sitting below the tree. She wore an all black yukata with a teal sash that matched her eyes. Her long lavender hair swayed gently in the breaze. She loked durprised to see the man sitting under the tree.
"Always thought this was my place..." she said, not intending to say it outloud.
louder though, she said "Sir, may I ask you your name?"
She walked closer the the man, she then realized that he was a shinigami, a person higher than her. She bowed quickly, not wanting to seem rude to the Shinigami.
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Slacking and Studying [Open, just trying to get the place to move a bit]
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